Home Theater


icon-home-theaterIf you thought your home stereo was all that, you might be wrong.  New advancements in Home theater receivers are allowing thumb drives, cell phones, and microphones to elevate your listening experience.  If your not using your cell phone to choose sources, find music, or play apps on your home entertainment system, your missing out.  If you don’t know what dolby Atmos, Hdmi 2.2, or Thx mean,  your loosing out on another level of Theater and sound. If you are frustrated on how to work and control your equipment easily, than we have the answers.  One button for example watch tv, could be the answer you have been looking for.  No complex inputs, no remembering how things work.  Just hit a button like Watch a movie and your system goes into action.  Concerned about setting up your sound, not a problem, computers are built in to receivers that will calculate and adjust your sound for the ultimate listening experience.  Audio Midwest has all the latest brands and can easily explain the ins and outs of complex electronics.