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icon-home-theaterIf you thought your home stereo was all that, you might be wrong.  New advancements in Home theater receivers are allowing thumb drives, cell phones, and microphones to elevate your listening experience.  If your not using your cell phone to choose sources, find music, or play apps on your home entertainment system, your missing out.  If you don’t know what dolby Atmos, Hdmi 2.2, or Thx mean,  your loosing out on another level of Theater and sound. If you are frustrated on how to work and control your equipment easily, than we have the answers.  One button for example watch tv, could be the answer you have been looking for.  No complex inputs, no remembering how things work.  Just hit a button like Watch a movie and your system goes into action.  Concerned about setting up your sound, not a problem, computers are built in to receivers that will calculate and adjust your sound for the ultimate listening experience.  Audio Midwest has all the latest brands and can easily explain the ins and outs of complex electronics.

icon-car-audioFrom mild to wild Audio Midiwest has been doing car Audio since 1982.  From Cd and Dvd radios to Car Alarms and Remote Starts, Audio Midwest has been the go to place for decades.

With new technology like Bluetooth, where you never touch your phone to make a call, to the same technology when you want to hear your stored music on your phone, like Pandora, Rhapsody, or Amazon Prime music…. we educate the average consumer to enjoy more, listen more intently and hear sounds they have never heard in their car.

What if your stereo could get your email, play facebook posts, or twitter updates, this technology is here today and is what we do.  Relationships with the best brands in the industry like Kenwood, Pioneer, Focal, Memphis, Phoenix Gold, and Viper  that are dependable, long lasting and easy to use, we can insure you an experience like none other.

Start your car from your phone, listen to music beamed down from space, or watch your favorite movie in the headrest of your automobile, we were one of the first companies to provide this to our customers. From Window tint to Car alarms, Audio Midwest has better experienced, certified installers, that have seen it all, when it comes to the electrical system of an automobile.

One of the largest selections in Oklahoma means you don’t have to go anywhere else to get the best deal when it comes to Car Audio.  Come see us to and experience the goosebumps for yourself….

icon-tvWith rapid advancements in television, by the time you read this, things will have changed. Audio Midwest is your best bet to understanding the complex landscape of TV evolution. We may not stock as many TVs as the big box stores, but we carry the TVs that offer the best value and performance in Television today.

From 4k high resolution TVs, to basic 32 inch bedroom televisions, we have them all. If you don’t understand what a smart tv can do for you, and the levels of smart technology you can get, let us help you make an educated decision. Did you know you can get TVs to 106 inches or project on a screen up to 200 inches in a theater environment? Audio Midwest has successfully completed countless TV and theater installations over it’s 35 years of business, with no end in sight.

How can we be competitive against large chains? We are not more expensive than everyone else, we just have great people who love what they do! When you have a question about all the rocket technology in you TV, we are a phone call away. Audio Midwest is a member of a nationwide buying group. The buying group puts us together with other companies our size, so we can have the buying power to be competitive. When you hear of a new technology like HDR and don’t know what that is Let Audio Midwest guide you…. to you new TV purchase.

icon-wiringHomes that are professionally wired by Audio Midwest are better. Audio Midwest provides you with a unique design that has been planned for the maximum entertainment value, ease of use, with the latest electronic devices, convenience, and future expandability, In many homes, the prewire stage may be the only opportunity you will have to ensure your home is prepared for the hottest technology of today and tomorrow.

Some of our competitors attempt to imitate, however they do not maintain regular office hours, stores, or they do not service what they sell.

It is important that the company installing your structured wiring system understands how to use and install the equipment the system is designed to support.

Audio Midwest can build a customized wiring plan to fit you budget. Make your Home Theater Pre-Wirehome more entertaining, comfortable, and enjoyable. Enhance the value of your home through a unique and upgradeable wiring system. Finally, provide audio and video entertainment, safey and convenience, integrated to fit your lifestyle.

If you have questions or want to talk about your project, please feel free to contact us. we’d love to talk to you.